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Plasma Fibroblasts

Brows Lift
30min  |  A$350.00
Frown Lines
30min  |  A$300.00
40min  |  A$450.00
Upper Eyelids
40min  |  A$450.00
Under Eye Area
40min  |  A$450.00
Crow's Feet
35min  |  A$350.00
Upper & Lower Eye Package (free Crow's Feet)
2h  |  A$900.00
Upper Lip
40min  |  A$225.00
Upper Lip (with Accordian Lines)
50min  |  A$650.00
Chin (with Accordian Lines)
1h  |  A$650.00
Mini Face Lift
2h  |  A$800.00
Neck Lift
2h  |  A$800.00
Tummy Lift
2h  |  A$800.00

Scalp Micro

Mild Hair Loss
90min  |  A$700.00
Medium Hair Loss
3h  |  A$1400.00
Advanced Hair Loss
4h  |  A$1600.00
Touch up (mild)
90min  |  From: A$150.00
Touch up (medium)
2h  |  From: A$350.00
Touch up (advanced)
3h  |  From: A$450.00
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