Cosmetic Tattooing


Eyebrow Microblading (feathering)
135min  |  A$500.00
Eyebrow Shading
150min  |  A$500.00
Eyebrow Microblading + Shading
165min  |  A$550.00


Eyeliner - Bottom
120min  |  A$350.00
Eyeliner - Top
150min  |  A$450.00
Eyeliner - Top & Bottom
210min  |  A$650.00


Lip Liner
120min  |  A$400.00
Full Lip Colour
165min  |  A$650.00

Cosmetic Tattoo Touch up

Within 4-6 Weeks
90min  |  A$100.00
6 Months
90min  |  A$150.00
1 Year
105min  |  A$200.00
18 Months
120min  |  A$300.00
2 Years
120min  |  A$400.00

** Full Price after Two years.

Please note: if you have an existing old tattoo, the cost may increase depending on the condition of the existing tattoo. Please contact us first before making a booking thank-you.